Eastern Shawnee Tribal Police Department

Public Safety Building

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to: Provide quality law enforcement, which insures the protection of each citizen’s right, lives, and property through:


  • Effective utilization of human and organizational resources for improved cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skill building;
  • Creative motivation of individual employees to increase productivity and continuing development of personal and professional skills;
  • Positive involvement in the affairs of the community for enhanced interpersonal communication;
  • Active participation of all employees in organizational development and processing of information;
  • Responsive interaction with all criminal justice agencies for an increased exchange of information and growth of statewide networks;
  • Innovative application of available technology for crime prevention, detection, reporting, apprehension, and incarceration of criminals;
  • Objective analysis of planned activities for achieving targeted objectives (Assuring proper expenditure of limited funding resources).