Community Health Representative (CHR)

The Community Health Representative (CHR) service is an advocate and facilitator for individuals and families to gain access to comprehensive health care services.
The Community Health Representative provides for continuum of services to the population through health education, health screening, case finding, referral, follow-up and provision of support services. The CHR is often the vital link to assure access to the comprehensive health care system. CHRs serve as facilitators in the implementation of community, family, and individual health and treatment plans and provide supporting services to enhance the quality of life for the people they serve.
Bonita Payton currently serves as the CHR for the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. She looks forward to establishing disease prevention and health promotion actives to allow for optimal educational growth and social interaction.
Pelivan tickets are available for rides to the Doctor or Bonita will take you, as well as picking up your medicines.
The future development of the CHR Department is geared to achieve continued success, as well as allow for greater outreach within the tribal community

ESTOO Community Health Assessment

Eastern Shawnee Community Health Assessment Report