Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)

The mission of the Eastern Shawnee Tribal Child Care Development Fund is to provide safe, affordable and quality child care for our Native American children. Our goal is to promote excellence in each of our programs to ensure proper education for the child enrolled. We believe that by ensuring safe and steadfast care and commitment to our children, we will instill in them a confidence and self-determination among numerous other good characteristics.

Childcare assistance through Tribal CCDF enables parents to pursue education, training, and/or employment. The CCDF Program does not simply provide funding for childcare services, but it also focuses on the quality of childcare and the development of the whole child. By doing so, the CCDF Program has a great impact on our families and communities. The program permits parents to choose from a broad range of child care providers, including day care centers, family child care services and relatives. This gives parents the opportunity to choose the most suitable provider to care for their children.

Applying for Child Care Assistance

To apply for Child Care Assistance, please complete the Child Care Application, Client Responsibilities and Agreement Form, and the Employment Verification Form. Submit them with the required documents:

  • CDIB Card and/or Membership Card
  • Child/Children’s Birth Certificate(s)
  • Child/Children’s Immunization Record(s)
  • Current Utility Bill with Name and Address
  • Pay Stub(s) must be current
  • Employment Verification for Each Wage Earner (enclosed)
  • Class Schedule and all financial aid information (if attending education classes)
Relevant Forms