Vacant Position Posting Policy for Tribal Administration Positions

As positions become available due to growth of the ESTO infrastructure, normal attrition, management decisions for internal restructure or other business needs, it becomes necessary to replace staff or create new/or additional jobs. When a vacancy occurs, or when a new position is created it shall be ESTO’s policy to recruit the most qualified individuals for the position(s).
ESTO employment opportunities shall be open to any person who can present satisfactory evidence of qualifications for the position. Exceptions will be made for positions listed as “open to ESTO Tribal members only.”
Human Resources will post available positions on the ESTO website, and via email for a minimum of ten (10) days. During this time, tribal members and employees of the Tribe and Casino are eligible to apply. After 10 days, if the position is not filled, positions will be advertised in local newspapers and on applicable job search websites.
As per the Tribe’s Indian Preference Policy (Resolution # 021011-R-03): Legally enrolled Eastern Shawnee tribal members shall be given preference if the tribal member’s experience, qualifications, training, and all other criteria included in the job posting are equal. Tribal members or citizens of other federally recognized tribes shall have second preference following the same criteria, followed by any other applicants.

Employees of ESTO and it’s entities who apply internally for a position should:

  •     Submit a completed “Request to Transfer” form and application to Human Resources
  •     Successfully complete a minimum of 90 days in current position
  •     Have an employment record with no written warnings or suspensions within the last 6 months
    • Surveillance Perpetual Posting Policy

      The Human Resource Department will maintain an ongoing file of Surveillance and Learning Center applications and fill the positions as they come open. If you are Interested in a position in our surveillance department or the Early Childhood Learning center, please complete the standard job application. Only completed qualified applications will be considered for any open position. Incomplete applications will be returned and may delay the application process or result in a non-qualification for the position. Please note – The Indian Preference policy will be followed regarding qualified applicants. When a position becomes available Human Resource will use the applicant pool to prepare a qualified applicant panel for the director. If the director wishes to interview any of the applicants HR will contact the applicants and interviews will be scheduled. If a qualified applicant is selected, the position will be considered filled, pending the outcome of the pre-employment drug test, background check, and gaming license application.

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      Surveillance, Learning Center, Tribal Police

      Title Patrol Officer
      Categories Tribal Police
      Title Surveillance Agent
      Categories Surveillance

      For more information, please contact Tribal Human Resources. Our offices are behind the Eastern Shawnee Travel Center in the Social Services Building, located at 10080 S. Bluejacket Road, Wyandotte, OK 74370. You may also reach us via email at or by telephone at 918-666-5152, ext 1021.