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Grants Department
The Eastern Shawnee Tribal Grants Department is dedicated to researching and applying for federal, state, and foundation grants in order to benefit the tribe and tribal community. Selecting particular grants is based upon several factors including, but not limited to, community needs assessments, long-term plans, visionary goals, availability of funding opportunities, and requests to the Grant Review Committee (GRC).

Grants Review Committee
This committee is comprised of the Chief, Tribal Administrator, Grants Director, Accounting Director, and Grant Coordinator. The GRC meets on a monthly basis with key staff of current, funded projects to ensure all ESTO grants are successfully fulfilling grant requirements, activities, objectives, goals of each grant, and how it will affect long-term planning. The GRC also meets with Department Directors, as needed, to approve grant requests for submission.

For more information regarding grants, contact the Grants Director at (918) 666-5151 ext. 1823.

Grant Request Forms


Additional GRC Information