Calamus Pond CemeteryCalamus Pond Cemetery is maintained by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. When visiting the cemetery keep in mind that a fieldstone may be an actual headstone for a burial. There are around a dozen stones in the cemetery today. The fence was put around the cemetery by the Tribe to keep cattle from damaging the remaining stones. Read More…

Proud to Be Eastern Shawnee
by Chief Glenna J. WallaceThe Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma is one of three federally-recognized Shawnee Tribes-the Absentee Shawnee near Shawnee, OK; the Eastern Shawnee in Ottawa County, Ok near Seneca, MO; and the Shawnee Tribe headquartered in Miami, OK. Read More…
The Tribal Seal
by  Chief Glenna J. Wallace
The Seal and SymbolsFive simple objects—one circle, one panther, one spear, one swan and a collection of four feathers—comprise the elements depicted in The Great Seal of the Eastern Shawnee Nation.  The emblems are simplistic in nature but complex in meaning.  The vibrant blue circle is continuous, never-ending.  There is no beginning, no ending. It symbolizes one world, one universe, one tribe of people.  The round shape encircles and holds together all other objects, just as the tribe holds all members together as one. Read More…

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