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Strategic Planning Survey

Strategic Planning Survey for Eastern Shawnee Tribal Members

Greetings Tribal Members,
ESTO is working with Group One Development, LLC consulting services to create a strategic plan for the tribe. We are conducting research with local and distant tribal members of ESTO. It is important to include all groups within the tribe in order to have comprehensive input in and support of the strategic direction of ESTO. In order to help us with this process, we are requesting your participation in a confidential survey.
The questionnaire is designed to provide tribal members an opportunity to express their opinions on matters of importance to the tribe. Question areas include: strategic direction, communication, ESTO as a destination location and how other tribal members can support the prospective changes and future well-being of the tribe.
The information obtained in the anonymous questionnaire is the sole proprietary property of Group One Development, LLC and will only be used in the aggregate for report writing purposes. Individual questionnaire responses will not be shared with anyone within ESTO. We further provide assurances that we will take all measures possible to protect the security and integrity of the information that is provided to Group One Development by ESTO members throughout the entire strategic planning process.
We truly value your cooperation in this very important process to obtain the best data for your strategic plan. Please complete the survey by Monday, August 15, 2016.

Thanks for your contribution to this very important work,

Group One Development, LLC

Wash Hands (SUGGESTION)- K’yeh-kee-thee-leh-chah

Wash Hands (COMMAND)- Kee-thee-leh-chah-loh

2014 Election Filing Dates

Filing dates for the 2014 election are June 9th – June 20th.

Firewood!!! First Come First Serve

As per Chief Glenna, in regards to the Woodlands, there are three or four trees on the ground that need to be cut up and removed. Chief would like to have them removed by Monday, May 19th. Please contact the tribal office with any questions.

Cooking And Eating

Download (PPTX, Unknown)


Date Corrections for Business Committee Meetings

The April calendar in the Shooting Star shows the BC meetings on the 16th and the 30th.  The correct dates for the meetings are April 9th and 23rd.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Language – Home Talk

Home Talk:

English Phonetic Spelling
Get up. Hahns-skah-loh
Wake up. Hah-mah-mah-loh
You be still. Noh-lay-wee-loh
Cover up. Hah-koh-loh
Go to sleep. Nay-pah-loh
Quit doing that. Koh-lah-chee
Get ready. Nah-nah-hee-loh
I love you. Nee-kee-tah-kway-lay-may-lay
Stand up. Nee-pah-wee-loh
Leave it. See-kwah-toh
Stay. Hah-pee
Watch(look here). Schee-see-chee
Come next to me. Pee-yah-meh-sah’kah-nee-lah
Come in. Pee-tee-thah-loh
Go hunting. Pah-hah-lah-wee
Go potty(going out). Hah-leh-loh’theh
Pickup(something). Peh-kah-loh-nah
I picked up. Nee-peh-kah-loh-nah
Time to get up. Hoh-nee-see-kah-loh
Listen to me. Hah-kah-way-tah-wee-loh
I said. Way-toh
Good Hoh-Weh-Sah
Thank You N’Yah-Weh
Yes Hee-Nee
Excuse Me Mah-Tah Wee-Chee-Tah
No Mah-Tah
Good Bye Wah-Pah-Kyeh Kyeh-Noh-Leh

Language – Numbers


English Phonetically Shawnee
One Nick-koh-tee Nikoti
Two Nee-swee Niiswi
Three N’thwee Thwi
Four Nee-yay-wee Niyeewi
Five N’yah-lahn-wee Niyaalanwi
Six Nay-koh-twah-thwee Nakotwaathwi
Seven Nee-swah-thwee Niswaathwi
Eight N’thah-sick-thwee Thwaasikthwi
Nine Chah-kaht-thwee Chaaka’thwi
Ten May-tah-thwee Metaahthwi

Language – Animals


English Phonetically Shawnee
Dog Wee-see Wiisi
Cat Poh-see-thah Poosiitha
Horse M’say-way M’seewe
Turtle Kah-kee-leh Ka’kile
Fish Nah-meh-thah Namee’tha
Wolf M’way-wah M’wewa
Chicken Pay-lay-wah Peleewa
Cow M’thoh-thwa M’thoothwa
Rabbit P’tuck-ah-nay-thee Petakine’thi
Squirrel Hah-nee-kwah Hanikwa
Raccoon Hah-thay-pah-tee Hahthapeti
Pig Koh-skoh Koosko
Turkey Hah-chay-pay-lay-wah Haceepeleewa
Goose Wah-pah-chee-kee-thah Wapacikitha
Deer P’sick-thee P’sikthi

Language – Questions


English Phonetically Shawnee
What? Nay-hee-way Nehiwe
When? Tah-nee-way Lah-kwah Taaniwe Laakwa
Where? Tah-nee-way Taaniwe
Who? Nay-thah-way Nethaawe
What is it? Nay-hee-way Hee-nee Nehiwe Hiini
Who is that? Nay-thah-way Yah-mah Nethaawe Yaama
What are you doing? Nay-hee-way Kee-tay-see-lah-wee Nehiwe Kitasilawi
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