Strategic Planning Survey

Strategic Planning Survey for Eastern Shawnee Tribal Members

Greetings Tribal Members,
ESTO is working with Group One Development, LLC consulting services to create a strategic plan for the tribe. We are conducting research with local and distant tribal members of ESTO. It is important to include all groups within the tribe in order to have comprehensive input in and support of the strategic direction of ESTO. In order to help us with this process, we are requesting your participation in a confidential survey.
The questionnaire is designed to provide tribal members an opportunity to express their opinions on matters of importance to the tribe. Question areas include: strategic direction, communication, ESTO as a destination location and how other tribal members can support the prospective changes and future well-being of the tribe.
The information obtained in the anonymous questionnaire is the sole proprietary property of Group One Development, LLC and will only be used in the aggregate for report writing purposes. Individual questionnaire responses will not be shared with anyone within ESTO. We further provide assurances that we will take all measures possible to protect the security and integrity of the information that is provided to Group One Development by ESTO members throughout the entire strategic planning process.
We truly value your cooperation in this very important process to obtain the best data for your strategic plan. Please complete the survey by Monday, August 15, 2016.

Thanks for your contribution to this very important work,

Group One Development, LLC